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North East Tasmania has been subject to considerable landscape deterioration and biodiversity loss over the past two hundred years. It is an area where there is a shortfall in adequate conservation areas. In comparison with other parts of Tasmania there has been a lack of scientific research and survey effort.

Nevertheless the North East still contains many areas of high conservation value worthy of protection. The Linking Landscapes project aims to protect, reconnect and restore North East Tasmania to ensure the long-term ecological viability of the region, the survival of natural heritage, the plants, animals, rivers and landscapes unique to this place.

Aims: To make nature conservation the underpinning principle (ethic) upon which our society is based. This means we need:

•  Legislation and Planning Schemes that reinforce the conservation imperative.

•  Large-scale inter-connected terrestrial and marine protected areas.

•  Conservation management over all other land tenures that compliments reserve areas.

•  Creation of employment opportunities compatible with conservation, restoration, rehabilitation and regeneration of nature (e.g. re-establishing native forests on plantation sites and repairing degraded riparian zones).

Threats: Forestry, land clearing, coastal development/urban sprawl, mining, aquaculture, over fishing, inadequate reserve system (marine and terrestrial)





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