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Restore Skyline Tier Project

Regeneration of the pine plantation back to native forest is progressing well. Over the last few months crews from Conservation Volunteers Australia and Mersey NRM have helped us. We recently signed another contract with Timberlands (formerly Rayonier) for and additional 80 ha on skyline Tier and near the Trout Creek picnic area.

Nick Fitzgerald has completed a report entitled Survey of Radiata Pine Wildlings at Scamander Pine Plantation, North East Tasmania. The report will be used to lobby the State Government and Forestry Tasmania to provide resources to control pine wildings escaping off the plantation site into native forest on public and private land.

For details of upcoming working bees go to Upcoming Events

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Rezoning of Riverview Road, Scamander

The Resource Planning and Development Commission (RPDC) has approved the rezoning of Lots 1 & 2 Riverview Rd on the Scamander River from Environment Protection to Urban. The Network submitted a comprehensive representation opposing the rezoning, however the RPDC supported the Break O'Day Councils recommendation to rezone.

In doing so the RPDC and the Council ignored two fundamental planning principles. Firstly, planning should be based on long-term strategic land use plans and, secondly, there should be no rezoning of land to Urban when there is a large surplus of existing subdivided and Urban zoned land.

There are 1,574 vacant residential blocks in the Break O'Day as well as land zoned Urban yet to be subdivided. It appears Scamander is considered a sacrificial zone judging by the amount of subdivision approved in the last two years. Some of the most significant environmental and scenic areas of Scamander are being destroyed by urban development.

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The State Government and Forestry Tasmania have started logging coupe GC148A in Goulds Country. This coupe contains unique habitat values being an area where the distribution of the Bornemissza and Simsons Stag Beetle overlap.

The Bornemissiza Beetle has a total distribution area of only 10 sq kms and is currently being reviewed for Commonwealth listing (EPBC Act) .Despite criticism from leading Tasmanian invertebrate scientists the operation is proceeding.

Logging is also starting in coupe GC115B New England Rd, Goulds Country, a prime Simson Stag Beetle habitat. it appears Forestry Tasmania are intent on logging a significant proportion of the Simson Stag Beetle habitat in the next three years.

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RPDC hearing re: Strata Title in Environment Protection and Natural Resources Zones

The Break O'Day Council is trying to amend the Planning Scheme to allow Strata Title development throughout the municipality. The RPDC hearing was held on the 10th April at the Council offices. If current Strata title prohibition is overturned the municipality will be vulnerable to uncontrolled, ad hoc and unrelated development. The North East Bioregional Network has made submissions against this move.

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Conservation Expo

NEBRN is organizing a Conservation Expo on the 26th April at the Portland Hall, St Helens. Various conservation groups will be present, handing out brochures, giving informative talks, doing children's activities and organizing great displays. Come and find out what is going on and who is doing what, where and when.

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A new wildcountry pamphlet has been produced which identifies key new reserve proposals for North East Tasmania. If you have or know of an appropriate distribution point call Todd.

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Marine Reserves

We are forming alliances with other marine conservation groups and individuals to work towards a marine reserve proposals for the Freycinet Bioregion.

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New Holland Mouse

We have received funding to survey for the threatened New Holland Mouse in North East Tasmania. for more information or to suggest places for the surveys see Todd (NEBRN) or Kate Thorn (NRM, Break O'Day). Likely habitat picture on left.

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